About Us


The 4th SMARTGEN Conference 2024 is the most prestigious technical event in the series of conferences which are devoted to Smart Generation Technologies in the area of Computing ,Networking & communication and storage. SMARTGEN is now recognized as the main regular event of the world that is covering many dimensions including security algorithms and architectures, privacy-aware policies, regulations and techniques, anonymous computation and communication, encompassing fundamental theoretical approaches, practical experimental projects, and commercial application systems for computation, communication and storage. As applications of computer systems and networks have permeated in every aspect of our daily life, the issues of security, privacy, and anonymity have become increasingly critical. The conference will provide a forum for the world-class researchers to gather and share their research achievements, emerging ideas and trends in the highly challenging research fields.

This SMARTGEN 2024 is organised by Ghousia College of Engineering. Ghousia Industrial & Engineering Trust, (GIET) was started during the year 1962. Its main aim is to promote and provide quality technical education at all levels to the student community in general and the rural youth in particular. Its cherished goal is to equip the learners with excellence and quality assured technical education. The Ghousia Industrial & Engineering Trust established the “Ghousia College of Engineering” in the year 1980 at Ramanagaram, a town which is 45 kms away from Bangalore on the Bangalore-Mysore highway. The focus of the trust has been to promote technical education at technician level, diploma level, degree level and postgraduate / research level for all sections of students of our country. The growth and success of GIET is due to the sacrifice of a large number of eminent, illustrious, dedicated and philanthropic members of the Board of Trustees who are all leaders in academics, research, industry and commerce.